When most people think about having braces, they think back to when they were kids. Most of the people you see with braces are kids, particularly around middle school age. But what if we told you that as an adult, it’s not too late?

Adults can benefit from all kinds of orthodontics treatment, including braces. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists estimates that about one in four orthodontic patients (25%) are actually adults. So if you’re an adult, don’t worry: it’s never too late to get your perfect smile!

There Is No Age Limit

Fun fact: there is technically no age limit for having braces. In fact, some orthodontists have reported their oldest patients as being over 70 years old! This is thanks to the physiological process of moving teeth being the same no matter how old you are. Whether you missed out on orthodontic treatments as a kid or your teeth shifted some as you grew older, braces will always be an option for adults.

Braces Are Effective For Adults

There is no change in efficiency for braces between treatment for adults and children. Using braces for adults is just as effective as it is for children thanks to the nearly identical process. 

Are Adults Too Old For Braces

It’s important to know that orthodontic treatment, specifically braces, could take a little longer for adults than it does for children. This is mainly due to the fact that an adult has finished growing and it takes a little extra encouragement to get your teeth to move. Still, braces will straighten your teeth as an adult just as efficiently.

Braces Options For Adults

There are also multiple options for adults looking to get braces. Adults have access to both the traditional metal braces as well as ceramic braces. So, what’s the difference between the two?

The traditional metal braces are a bit more sturdy than ceramic. Metal braces have brackets that are glued to your teeth with a special orthodontic cement (don’t worry, this cement is easily removed with special tools by your orthodontist). Then, a metal wire is threaded through the brackets. This wire is what applies the “force” to your teeth. By making some quick and simple adjustments, your orthodontist can increase or decrease the force which is how your teeth are straightened.

Ceramic braces are a great alternative to the traditional metal braces, even for adults. This is a more discreet option thanks to the brackets being a more clear, see-through color. This helps your braces to be a lot less noticeable. A wire is still threaded through the ceramic brackets, so it functions much the same as traditional metal braces.

Invisalign For Adults

Another great option for adults to get their teeth straightened is by using Invisalign. If discretion and convenience are some top priorities for you, then these clear aligners are likely your best option.

The Invisalign clear aligners work to achieve the same result as braces: to straighten your teeth. But instead of brackets and a wire, you get a wearable aligner that fits your teeth while slowly moving them into a better position. One of the great benefits of using this is that the clear aligner is removable. You can easily take your clear aligner out when you are eating or brushing your teeth, and simply put it back when you’re done.

Trusted Orthodontics Treatment In Fort Worth

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