Orthodontic Treatments at Ahava Orthodontics

Dr. Barron and the Ahava Orthodontics team use the latest and most advanced technology for all of our orthodontics treatments. We also believe that being the best orthodontist in Fort Worth, TX surrounded by so many great dentists means providing  personalized care and love for each and every patient.

We understand that your schedule doesn’t always allow visiting the orthodontist during a typical 9-5 schedule, so we do our best to ensure our availability in difficult circumstances. Dr. Barron is happy to offer his best orthodontic services to you and your family. Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist, Dr. Barron is available to treat any irregularities, misalignments, or mal-positioned teeth and jaw troubles that you or your child is dealing with or that may come to cause problems in the future. He’s also available to help with braces, retainers, and Invisalign to simply help straighten your teeth. Throughout your entire experience with Dr. Barron and his team, you are guaranteed expert, honest advice for the best oral care we can provide.

We Can Prevent and Treat Structural Oral Problems!

Orthodontic Treatments Available at Ahava Orthodontics

orthodontics early treatment

Early Treatment

Ahava Orthodontics provides the best early orthodontics treatment for children to ensure a healthy mouth.

orthodontics adult treatment

Adult Treatment

Adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, too! For all of our great care and treatments for adults, contact us today.

orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

For more serious cases, we offer safe jaw surgery that will move the upper jaw bone, lower jaw bone, or both to achieve a perfect appearance.

braces fort worth


Braces are a very popular choice for orthodontic treatment! The two primary options for braces are traditional metal braces and ceramic braces.

invisalign fort worth


Looking for a confident, perfect smile without the metal look of traditional braces, or without the need to change your eating habits? You will love Invisalign to straighten your teeth.

retainers fort worth


The last thing you want after getting your braces taken off is having your teeth move. Retainers help your teeth’s new position become permanent.

jaw repositioning fort worth

Jaw Repositioning

Having an over-bite or under-bite can have some long-lasting implications for your health. We’ll walk you through the process of getting your jaw positioned perfectly.

pediatric dentistry fort worth

Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents to establish a “dental home” for children by age 1!

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At Ahava Orthodontics we’ve dedicated ourselves to provide the very best dental care using the most advanced technological advancements in orthodontics, staying up-to-date with the latest techniques, and by offering amazing customer care to each and every patient. If you have questions about what we can do for you, please contact us directly.

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