Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Invisalign and how well the treatment can straighten teeth. However, since it’s a fairly new method of teeth straightening, you might not know much about it. But don’t worry, in this guide we’ll explain more about Invisalign braces and how they can help you get straight teeth.

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What Is Invisalign?

As its name implies, Invisalign is an almost “invisible” aligner of teeth form of retainers. Aligners substitute for conventional metal braces. You get transparent, removable trays that comfortably fit over your teeth.

The transparent portion of the trays is created with BPA-free plastic. And yes, the material is relatively translucent, so it’s hard to see that you’ve got them on! This is one of the reasons why Invisalign is favored over standard braces by many adults and teenagers.

Based on a 3-dimensional model of your whole mouth, the trays are also custom-made. This means that the teeth will shift to the correct position by the work of the aligners. However, as the treatment continues, you will need to refill the trays every few weeks.

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How Does Invisalign Straighten Teeth?

Invisalign pushes the teeth steadily using gentle pressure, much like metal braces. Your personalized aligners help to move your teeth to a more optimal position. It’s not painful, but a little bit of discomfort is felt. But don’t worry. It’s totally natural and is a sign that your aligners are working.

However, you must make sure that you wear the aligners for no less than 20 hours a day. But having the option to take the trays off is a better deal than what conventional braces provide.

Also, treatment with Invisalign is typically shorter opposed to other orthodontic methods. Invisalign treatment is generally six months shorter than metal braces!

Of course, this all depends on the severity of your teeth and bite. The average time of recovery for mild dental flaws is between six and 12 months. Your orthodontist might require you to wear the trays for up to 18 months if you have a more complex problem that takes longer to straighten teeth.

Patient commitment to their aligners further impacts the duration of treatment time. This is why the aligners should be worn every day for at least 20 hours so that they can do their job correctly.

How to Get Straight Teeth: How Long Does Invisalign Take?

For each person, the time it takes for Invisalign to straighten teeth and push them to their final position is different.  But Invisalign can straighten teeth in approximately 9 to 12 months on average. Most patients will wear only a nighttime retainer during this phase to preserve their results.

Your Invisalign retainers need to be worn for 20-22 hours per day as mentioned above. They can only be removed when you eat, brush your teeth, or drink hot drinks, like tea or coffee. n(Heat makes the plastic to soften and lose its shape.)

Because the aligners cover your teeth entirely, after eating, it’s best to brush your teeth to avoid getting food stuck underneath them. You will also have to go to the dentist’s office approximately every 4-6 weeks to monitor how things are going and get a new set of aligners. You’ll use those aligners until it’s time for your next appointment.

Does Invisalign Straighten Teeth Better Than Metal Braces?

Patients with Invisalign tend to have better gums than patients with fixed braces. They have a decreased chance of developing tooth decay and poor breath as well.

The fact that the aligners are removable is one reason why this happens. You can wash and floss a lot more.

Cleaning your invisible trays would be the only additional step to your standard oral hygiene routine. It’s best to soak your Invisalign aligners in a specialized cleaning solution in order to keep them clean. You should also brush them regularly.

On the other hand, a large portion of your teeth are covered by metal braces. Therefore, within the crevices of the braces, food debris gets stuck. Bacteria responsible for the plaque and tartar that’s cultivated by left-over foods.

But because you can remove your aligners, you don’t have to stress about food limitations. However, you’d want to watch what you eat, and stay away from too much sugar or starchy food.

How Much Is Invisalign?

The price of Invisalign varies depending on the length of your treatment, how complicated your condition is, and the dentist treating you. However, it’s usually comparable to the cost of standard braces.

The average price tag is in the $5,000. But a simple Invisalign treatment costs less. The price depends on a variety of factors, and costs increase based on the severity of your teeth’s condition.

The good news is, your dental insurance may also pay for a portion of your treatment.

The Results from Invisalign Braces

As you may imagine, Invisalign treatment’s anticipated outcome depends primarily on how crooked your teeth are, as well as how consistent you are with wearing your aligners.

In addition to pushing teeth into their proper position, a variety of issues like gaps in the teeth, overbites and underbites, overcrowding, and crossbites are fixed by Invisalign.  In the past, the more complicated problems were fixed better by metal braces.

But as Invisalign technology advances, its ability to deliver better results comparable to metal braces is incredible.

Are You Looking for an Invisalign Dentist?

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