If you’ve even the least bit familiar with Invisalign treatment, you’ve probably wondered if it’s too good to be true. And thankfully, it’s not! Invisalign treatment is an innovative technique to straighten one’s teeth without having to go through the hassle and appearance of typical metal braces. Instead, you will use a series of clear aligners to help shift your teeth into their ideal positions and voila! 

The process does take some time and you must be diligent about wearing your retainers constantly, aside from while you’re eating, drinking or brushing your teeth, but all things aside, Invisalign is truly a dream come true if you’ve wanted to correct your smile without having to use traditional braces!

The Consultation Visit

First things first, you’ll need to set up a consultation appointment with an orthodontist who provides Invisalign treatment. The visit will help you determine if Invisalign is right for you, provide a cost estimate and possibly even give you an idea of how long you’ll have to wear these clear retainers for.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with Invisalign treatment, you’ll have a 3D scan of the layout of your teeth taken so Dr. Barron knows exactly how to customize your treatment to best meet your needs.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will be personalized just for you and it’s important that you stick to it to see the results you want. Shying away from following the directions could lead to little to no progress, leaving you frustrated and disappointed. Invisalign is a wonderful option for correcting smiles, but you have to stick to your treatment plan if you don’t want to end up back where you started.

Included in your treatment plan will be:

  • directions for how to care for your retainers
  • Information on how long you will wear each set of your retainers
  • what you can expect during the various stages of treatment

Changing Your Invisalign Retainers

You’ll wear each set for about two weeks and only take them out while eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. With every change of retainer, your teeth will gradually shift into their ideal positions, getting you one step closer to the smile you want! If you don’t feel any pressure on your teeth when you’ve started to use a new retainer, you should contact your orthodontist immediately. A lack of pressure usually means that your teeth aren’t being shifted into their proper positions.

The amount of retainers you will go through is dependent on how long your treatment course is. If you have treatment for a full year, you could go through as many as 50 sets of retainers!

Attending Regular Visits

As with any dental or orthodontic care, making sure you don’t miss your regular visits is a vital part of your Invisalign treatment! Your orthodontist will look for progress, regress and generally keep tabs on how your teeth are moving. If you skip out on any of your regularly scheduled visits, you could be putting your future smile in jeopardy, or at least delaying it if you have an issue that isn’t addressed as soon as it should be.

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