Congrats! You are well on your way to your new smile. Hopefully you are adjusting to the pressure your braces create. You might be wondering how you can take care of your braces and your mouth in the coming months to have the best results possible. Caring for your new braces may be intimidating, but we are here to provide advice and encouragement as you start on this new journey. 

Look no further than these simple tasks to care for your braces and set you up for your brand new smile!

Consistent Appointments

One of the best things you can do while your braces are on is to show up faithfully to your scheduled appointments. While time is the legwork that improves your smile outside of the office, braces need to be tightened every three to six weeks at your appointments. Since braces move your teeth slowly over time, the tightening is what pushes the progress along. Showing up to your scheduled appointments is the best way to guarantee to continually make progress toward the smile you’ve been waiting for. 

Sticky No Nos

We know the temptation is real to pop that sucker in your mouth or smack a wad of bubblegum, but do your braces (and yourself) a favor and steer clear of sticky or gummy candy. Sweets like suckers, caramels and taffy are not only a nightmare to clean out of brackets and wires, but they also run the risk of breaking or snapping parts of your braces. Nuts, popcorn kernels and other crunchy snacks can get stuck in the wires and can have the same effect. Even crunchy fruits and veggies, while good for your nutritional health, may cause unwanted wear and tear on your braces.


Brush the Day Away

Okay, maybe not all day. But three times a day is perfectly acceptable and recommended for clean orthodontia. In the morning, midday and at night before bed are great times to plan for a quick two minute brushing break. You will need to practice and get used to handling the brush to reach different angles all around the brackets and wires. A brush with soft bristles is best since you may naturally be more inclined to brush more aggressively, but rest assured that a gentle and consistent stroke will provide great results. 

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

As a follow up to your new brushing routine, remember to rinse your teeth, ideally after any snack or time you intake food or a drink aside from water. Water itself can be used for a quick rinse to help swish out any tidbits that may be left from earlier in the day, but an anti-cavity mouth wash will strengthen your enamel and protect your teeth against cavity formation. 

Your Trusted Orthodontic Care Provider

While the expense for braces could be enough to convince you that proper care is essential for the well-being of your investment, the result of your dedication will be the biggest reward! Seeing your beautiful new smile, straight and shining will incite pride and make you thankful for all of your hard work. 

Ahava Orthodontics has been a trusted and preferred orthodontist in Fort Worth for many years. “Ahava” is the love that gives and is a value at our core. Now that your beautiful new smile is ready to show the world, be sure to choose the retainer that will best suit you. If you have more questions or you would like to ask about a consultation, send us a message! We love to support our clients at every point in their journey to a beautiful smile.