Braces are not just for kids anymore!

If you are an adult wishing you had had your teeth straightened, or if you did have braces and yet they seem to have moved back, you can do something about it. And it’s far easier, quicker, and less expensive than you may think!

If you are seeking the smile you have always wanted, think about these seven compelling reasons to get adult braces.

Getting Braces As an Adult

1. They Are Hardly Visible

Many adults are reluctant to get orthodonture because they don’t want to smile with a mouth full of metal. They fear looking like a teenager again with teeth shining with hardware.

However, technology has created several alternatives to the metal wires that traditional braces use. If your dentist determines that your situation is appropriate,  you may be able to use Invisalign or other clear braces.

These methods for teeth straightening allow you to smile and speak freely without any self-consciousness about your appearance. Many people will not even realize you are wearing them.

Because they are temporary, you can remove them to eat, for special occasions, or when you are getting your photo taken.

2. It Doesn’t Take Long

With little kids, it sometimes feels like they need to wear braces for years. Your memories of metal braces may make reaffirm that hunch.

Because children may still be growing, treatment for tooth misalignment and other dental issues may take longer.  Kids may also not be as mindful as adults in maintaining consistent healthy dental practices like wearing their retainers!

Adult braces on the other hand take less time. This is usually because brands like Invisalign treat only certain conditions, like crowded teeth or irregular spacing. They are not used for very wide gaps or misaligned jaw placement.

Clear braces for adults to straighten crooked teeth usually take between twelve and eighteen months of treatment to deliver beautiful results.

3. You Will Feel More Confident

Sometimes we do not like the smile that nature gave us. Sometimes a lack of resources, medical issues, or other hardships mean you were denied good orthodonture in your youth.

Many people who don’t like the way their teeth look tend to smile less or cover their faces. This lack of confidence can lead to lower self-esteem.

If you invest in yourself, you will be amazed at how your confidence level will rise. When you feel good about yourself, other people feel it too. Your confidence will enhance your personal and professional life.

People are attracted to others who radiate positivity. When you feel like your outsides look good, your insides will feel good, and others will notice. Whether you are going out on a date or a job interview, that confidence will shine through.

4.  Smiling More Helps Your Business

Smiling actually helps you in business. Psychological studies show that the actual sight of a happy face creates a symbiotic relationship. That means people are more likely to want to work with you and do so productively if you just smile.

Smiles are contagious, too. When you do it, so will your customer. And when the muscles in your face smile, your whole body will respond with endorphins. Even faking a smile makes you feel good!

Whether you are a waitress or a motivational speaker, your facial expression can influence how your audience receives you. That may affect your bottom line.

Smiling doesn’t cost a dime, so we should all do it freely. It only costs a little bit to achieve that perfect smile, so consider it a worthy investment!

5. More Adults are Doing It

Another reason to feel less self-conscious about adult braces is the fact that more and more people over thirty are doing it.  Take a look at some of the famous adults with braces and you will realize: if Tom Cruise and Fate Dunaway can do it, why not you?

There is nothing to be ashamed of when you decide to give yourself some critical self-care. Making yourself the best you can be is a worthy pursuit.

And because clear braces are so discreet and inconspicuous, most people will not even notice that you have anything on your teeth at all.

In 2007, more than a million adults were having orthodontic work done, and today the numbers far exceed that. Now getting braces is like going to the gym or having a little Botox: it is another way to look your best.

6. It Benefits Your Oral Health

Braces also help your oral health. When teeth are crooked, it becomes harder for a brush or floss to reach out of the way areas, allowing plaque and bacteria to build up. This causes decay, gum disease, and cavities.

Crowded, misaligned teeth wear out unevenly over time. They may eventually weaken and fall out. They can also cause headaches and jaw pain.

If you are going to the orthodontist to change your trays every month you inevitably are paying more attention to your dental hygiene. People with braces are more likely to take care of their teeth with consistent flossing and brushing routines.

When you take care of both the look and hygiene of your mouth you are protecting yourself from later dental troubles like root canals.

7. It’s Affordable

You may be concerned about how much adult braces cost. However, some dental conditions may be covered by some forms of insurance.

Even if your insurance does not cover orthodonture,  weigh the benefits of receiving this treatment against how much it might cost not to do it. Do you want to suffer from missing teeth later in life, requiring dentures or implants? Those procedures are more painful and expensive.

Add that to the pain of being embarrassed to open your mouth or being ashamed to smile at your loved ones? Many patients agree that the small expense of fixing their smiles is well worth any expense for the happy results they receive.

Adult Braces: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Don’t deprive yourself of the happiness that comes from a beautiful smile. You can benefit from adult braces through improved appearance, heightened confidence, and better oral health. What are you waiting for?

To see if adult braces may be right for you, contact us.