Going to the dentist should be something you do at least twice a year, if your teeth are healthy. But when it comes to your kids’ dental health, how do you know when or if you should take them to the dentist? Just because they brush their teeth well on their own at home doesn’t mean that they have good dental hygiene. Young children should see their dentist as often as their parents do – ideally, every 6 months.

There are many benefits to getting your child an appointment with a pediatric dentist, but 5 of the top reasons you should schedule an appointment are:

  • Your child will receive specialized care
  • Access to early prevention and treatment
  • Visits will reduce anxious thoughts around dental exams
  • Get an early start on forming lifelong dental habits
  • Pediatric dentists can address childhood dental issues

Specially Trained Dentists

One of the greatest things about pediatric dentists is that they are specifically trained to work with your young child. Even as young as one year old! It’s recommended that you schedule your child’s first dental appointment by their first birthday or even as early as their first tooth emerges. Pediatric dentists also have specialized training in examining and treating the little jaws and teeth, so your child will be in capable hands when he or she sees a pediatric dentist.

Early Prevention And Treatment

Regular dental exams will not only help your child’s mouth stay healthy, but will also allow your pediatric dentist to determine whether there are any possible issues with your child’s overall dental health that need to be addressed. Even as early as 7 years of age, dentists can begin to perform treatments that may help your child cut down on the time he or she may need to wear braces someday, or cut out the need for braces altogether.

Awareness is the first step to prevention, but if an issue has already arisen, a pediatric trained dentist will be able to treat your child’s mouth for any condition he or she is experiencing.

Reduces Fear And Anxiety Toward Dental Exams

Visiting a pediatric dentist quite early on in childhood is the best way to help your little one to feel comfortable in a dentist’s office, not to mention with a stranger’s hand in their mouth. Regular checkups help the process to become a normal part of well-being.

Earlier Care Leads To Better Lifelong Habits

Exposure to new things early in life is the best way to introduce your child to good habits that he or she will hopefully carry throughout life. Making dental checkups a regular part of your routine will encourage your child to be aware of what is going on in his or her mouth, and ultimately be conscientious enough to take care of dental hygiene practices on their own.

Awareness Of Common Childhood Dental Issues

Pediatric dentists are trained to be aware of any dental issues specific to childhood and how to treat those issues and help your child heal. Pacifiers, thumb-sucking and even drinking from a bottle beyond infancy can all have a negative effect on your child’s dental well-being. Pediatric dentists will be able to help you work with your child on breaking those habits.

Ahava Orthodontics: Here To Care For Your Child’s Smile

At Ahava Orthodontics in Fort Worth, we understand that a smile is more than a set of healthy teeth. We know that so much confidence is either developed or quashed during childhood and teenage years and we want to provide kids and teens with excellent dental and orthodontic care so they can enjoy the best smile possible. Our trained staff, led by Dr. Barron, is experienced in all things pediatric dentistry and can work hand-in-hand with orthodontic treatment to provide your young one the best treatment possible. Call us today at 817-926-9777 to make an appointment!