Ahava Patient Referral Program

How does it work?

Our referral program includes all the mutual perks that exist between referring practices.

But, at Ahava Orthodontics we go the extra mile. We genuinely care about our patients overall dental health and know how important consistent cleanings and monitoring by their primary dentist is. Maintaining that relationship will ensure a lifetime of oral health.

We monitor your patients and call them for you to schedule in cleanings every 6 months while in treatment. Once completed, we call your office and send over the patient for a final cleaning and assessment. We are committed to sending your patient back to you regularly!

Additional patients that need dentistry services within your area will be referred to your practice as well. We appreciate our partnerships and nurture them.

The Ahava Extra

In addition to keeping the patient – dentist relationship strong and connected, we also send referring practices a custom branded marketing piece that’s Facebook and/or Website ready. Just send us your office info!

Why a marketing piece? Why not! For every patient that undergoes orthodontic treatment we provide a custom marketing piece are tailored to your practice and designed by professionals.

Choose from 4 design styles that we rotate yearly to keep the selection varied and fresh.

It’s our way of saying thanks and providing a little something extra that can be used in this fast-paced social media environment.